We are Bhutan’s First and the only travel company run exclusively for standard travelers by team of specialized and dedicated expertise. The company was founded by Windhorse Tours, Treks & Expedition which was in operation since 1998 and operated by and employs seasoned team of guides and drivers. We works towards empowering communities though tourism and bring about social impact. We want to use business as tool for good and not just be ‘About Businesses’.

We want to be recognized for putting communities right up there with profit. You as a traveler on our tours are employing Bhutanese expert guides and drivers with steady income flow, local home stays with business and community with much needed developments in the community . You can be proud for playing a very important role in bringing positive changes in their lives through you. We made sure we provide exceptionally efficiently coordinated travel service. Our itineraries are fined tuned to best suits the kind of travel experience travelers are looking for Experience Bhutan.

Further we are also working towards gender inclusion and celebrating individuality. We are very happy to announce that our county has very recently decriminalized LGBT community. We take pride in saying we are the first one to welcome this move and want all our lesbian sisters to travel openly and enjoy their freedom with us by assigning women guides and drivers for your trip. Druk Experience is here to offer one more safe travel destination to your bucket list! Experience Druk Bhutan! We promise, you will love it!