B2B – Dedicated to empowering Agents

We are seeking Partners : Trip Leaders, Agents, Ambassadors to promote Pink Experience.

Although we may deal with small number of direct inquires, our business format is geared towards promoting B2B. We know the importance of having local Agents and as your DMC, we will make you stand out among your competitor. We follow ethical standards that will make you make you want to do business with us for a long long time..

We would like to work with you to create a unique trips that suit your group or clientele. You will benefit from our experience, our connection at local level and support of our passionate team.

We protect agent pricing and to the extent possible, we host visitors in your name. We will work with you, ONLY if there is no one representing us in your area.

So if you organize Women’s travel to Bhutan, who are looking to travel with local women, have insightful and meaningful experience and wish for them to be totally entertained and happy, then we are for you.

Contact us ..