Discover the Ease of Custom Experiences or Journeys Planned Just for You

Custom Travel Experiences or Journeys are crafted from scratch for individuals or groups of any size by our experienced team. These custom-tailored itineraries incorporate your interests, your dreams and find matching guides and drivers to accompany you.


Tell us what your dream trip looks like.
When do wish to visit, for about how long, whether you have a specific places or sights you must visit or activity in mind or just know you want to travel somewhere in Bhutan, solo or with friends and family, we can help you envision the possibilities and shape your plans.

We take care of all the details
Our team of experts come up with suggestions, offer choices in accommodations, offer suggestions for optional activities and we are not afraid to say whats not recommended, if you have asked for something.

Fine-tune & booking
We will work with you to refine, to fit your time frame, trip objectives and travel dreams. Once you are satisfied, after making all amends, we will provide booking procedures. We will then book accommodations, orgnise everything from guide, transports, flights, special access, activities, visa and provide packing list and so forth.

Enjoy hassle-free Dream Travel
Pink Team will meet in Bhutan with details planned. You can fully relax and be present in the memorable moments.

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